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The Lower Township Healthy Youth Coalition’s mission is to reduce substance use by planning and implementing strategies that focus on reducing youth substance use through community collaboration and environmental change.

The coalition brings community members together to create and promote an alcohol, tobacco, and a drug-free environment for the youths of Lower Township by focusing on the following:

  1. Works to change the way the communities view alcohol, tobacco, and drug misuse by being a resource for current information, and by providing evidence-based programs and education.

  2. Assists in the community with prevention planning and technical assistance to implement drug-free events and programming.

  3. Fosters community involvement and works to strengthen our neighborhoods by encouraging partnerships between local organizations and individuals. 

  4. Encourages our youth to be substance-free and offers them opportunities to make a difference in their community.


The Lower Township Healthy Youth Coalition:

  • Partners with the schools to offer programs to youth that explain the effects and consequences of substance misuse and drinking underage.

  • Maintains and supports the youth coalition at the Richard Teitleman School.

  • Work with the Lower Township Department of Parks and Recreation to establish family-focused activities.

  • Combines efforts with the Lower Township Police Department and surrounding businesses to provide a camp to local youth.

  • Promotes local ordinances to deter underage drinking.

  • Distributes “Parents Who Host Lose the Most" materials. This resource is designed to encourage adult involvement in reducing underage drinking.

  • Provides information on opiates, prescription drugs and its link to heroin use.

  • Educates the community on the proper disposal of prescription drugs and promotes the use of Prescription Drop Boxes. 

  • Informs residents about the current issues surrounding the legalization of recreational marijuana use.

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