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Resiliency Series

Trauma, Chronic Stress and Self Care


Pandemic, Stress, Bad Stuff Happening – we all have a lot to deal with.  Understanding the impact of chronic stress and trauma can help us to understand ourselves and understand others.  We can change our perspective from “What’s wrong with you?” to “What happened to you?”.  The “why” of it can help us understand and better form our responses. Most importantly, strategies for taking good care of ourselves are presented.


Calming The Storm – 12 Strategies for de-escalation


We all get stressed; developing some skills to use in a crisis can make all the difference in the outcome.  When we interact with kids in a way that allows them to feel respected and understood, we are able to best support their efforts to calm themselves.  In this session, you will learn twelve de-escalation strategies, as well as develop the ability to create reset strategy plans to help prevent future problems.

Trauma and Resiliency – Helping Kids Cope


Traumatic experiences can impact kids in a variety of ways; interrupted development, school issues, and physical “somatic” complaints to name a few.  Stress can build resiliency, but chronic stress breaks it down and gets in the way of our kids being all they can be. This session provides an opportunity to understand how we can support our kids and increase their resiliency.


Ellen Purtell, MBA, MS, LPC, ACS is Chief Development Officer of The Institute of The Center for Great Expectations (CGE).  She has worked for a number of years in clinical and programs leadership roles in both residential and outpatient treatment facilities, introducing and incorporating trauma-attuned care.  She is passionate about helping people live their best lives and has worked extensively with teens and adults.  She maintains a mental health counseling practice in Green Village.


Frank Picone, LCSW is Chief Training Officer of The Institute of The Center for Great Expectations (CGE), with over 35 years of experience, in creating trauma-attuned environments in residential treatment programs and schools throughout New Jersey and the country. 

In January 2019, Frank was a vital force behind the launch of The Institute of CGE to create and deliver the Attuned School Approach™ for schools and the Attuned Workforce™ for social impact organizations. The mission of the Institute is to partner with schools and social impact organizations to optimize their workforce’s emotional intelligence, and organizational cultures for critical thinking, positivity, teamwork, emotional regulation and trauma attuned practice resulting in more positive outcomes for the youth, families, and communities they serve. 

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